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Meet our Family

Dave Hindman II

Dave Hindman II was born and raised in Steuenville, Ohio. He resides in Steubenville with his wife, Kay and their dog Missy. Dave began his career working for Ohio Bell and was partner in an electronics business in the late 80’s and early 90’s called World Radio Electronics. After working two decades for Ohio Bell, Dave was led by the Holy Spirit to begin a new telecommunications business in his home town called World Radio Telecommunications (WRT). WRT has now grown to 20 full-time employees, three locations, a fleet of 17 vehicles, and a Security business (Tri-State Security – TSS), serving over 6,000 customers. Dave devotes his time to the works of God and is a very generous supporter of the local community.

Kay Hindman

Kay Hindman, wife of Dave Hindman II and business partner, is the Human Resources Director at WRT and TSS. She also was born and raised in Steubenville, Ohio. She attended Steubenville Catholic Central High School. She is also very involved in the local community. When she is not tending to business, she is enjoying her 6 grandchildren that keep her very busy.

Drew Hindman

Drew Hindman, son of Dave and Kay, was born and raised between Steubenville, Ohio and Weirton, WV. He attended Steubenville City schools and graduated from Weir High School. After graduating High school he moved to Florida. After a few years of learning a lot about life he realized he missed the family he loved and the family business he has always been a part of. After returning from Florida he worked diligently from an apprentice service technician and now is the Vice President of sales corporate wide and the lead sales engineer for system design. Drew brings more than 15 years of experience to provide simple to complex technology solutions. Drew enjoys being part of his church, local organizations and a third generation to be heavily involved with the audio video and fire breathing horse at Steubenville’s Harding stadium. He is married to his wife Kasey of 6 years and they are blessed with a beautiful 4 year-old daughter Harper Lily.